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General Limitation of Liability and Compensations

Mezzoforte Oy (later ‘service provider’) publishes announcements of auctions accepted by the service provider against an announcement fee. Service provider has the right to accept or decline any announcements received. Service provider does not in any way or to any extent verify the quality of products described in the announcements, the rights of the announcer to the products or any other details.

The announcer alone is responsible for all auctioned products that it has sent to be published. All announcements are published as they are sent by the announcer.

Announcer and sender of the announcement material are responsible for having the appropriate rights to use and deliver the information and material related to the announcement. The announcer shall immediately verify its announcement as soon as it is published on the web page and take action in order to remove the announcement or rectify the announcement in case it is incorrect. The responsibility of service provider for neglecting to publish the announcement or for an error in publishing is limited to retrieving the amount paid for the publishing of the announcement.

The service provider is not responsible for possible interruptions in the service. Although all reasonable effort shall be made in order to prevent interruptions in service, the service provider cannot ensure user access to the web page and possibility to use services on the web page. The service provider is in no way responsible for any direct or consequential damage to the announcer or a third party based on or caused by the published announcement.

All accepted announcement shall be published on a set date. In case the announcement cannot be published due to technical or other operational reason or reasons of the client, the service provider is not responsible for any damage caused by not publishing.

The announcements are sent via email to the address asiakaspalvelu@huutokaupat.com. Service provider shall not be held responsible for errors caused by unclear instructions nor a translation or linguistic error occurred during translation process. Service provider may have a link to translation tools or services on its web page. Service provider is not responsible for rightfulness or appropriateness of translations nor for possible damage created by or with the aforementioned translation tools.

Payment of the announcement fee shall take place by a bill sent to an address given by the announcer. In case the billing address given by the announcer rejects the bill or does not transfer the payment, the announcer shall be responsible for the payment of the fee and possible overdue interest and collection costs.

In case the service provider is held responsible for any aforementioned damage or cost, the responsibility is limited to the announcement fee made by the announcer.

These limitations of liability do not limit responsibility of the service provider, which is based on fraudulent conduct, intent or gross negligence or if the limitation is otherwise against the applicable legislation.